How to become a male playboy?


Do you desire to become a playboy? Well Look no further friend. In this article will detail the information of how you can become  a male playboy, the last of a dying breed. You may desire wealth riches and fame and this will all come if you follow these few steps.


  1. Become Refined.
  2. Know the latests fashions and fashion trends.
  3. Find a sugar mommy (the more the better you can finance your lifestlye)
  4. Get Culured.
  5. Define your own style and look.
  6. Get on the Hollywood A or B List.
  7. Learn to drink Martiniis.(and pretend to enjoy them)
  8. Get a money Clip.
  9. Be punctually Late to social events..
  10. Never be the first to a club or last to leave it.
  11. Get homes on both coasts.
  12. Travel Europe abroad.
  13. Wear cologne don't shower with it.
  14. Get a pedicure and manicure.


(more to come... including sign up lists for sugar momma's and  sign up lists for potential playboys.)


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Is your quest to become a male playboy? Well Look No further. This page will teach you the tricks of the trade of becoming a playboy.

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SpyDer Dan is the web's hottest playboy! He is as Webster would put it a playboy.

What is a playboy? Playboy is defined as...

play·boy (pl?“boi')

A man who is devoted to the pursuit of pleasurable activities.

So who's the web's #1 playboy? Spyder Dan is the web's Male Playboy, Internationally renown and adored. Spyder Dan is known as a playboy and is famous for being a playboy. He is also a Male Model. Looks and Brains...what more could you ask for?

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